Autism is rough 💖

When your autistic child is emotionally bound to the edge…when dealing with their suicidal thoughts becomes a normal part of daily life…when feeling helpless to fix it for them weighs heavy on you…these are the real, raw faces of autism. But, then there are days like today when happiness reverberates throughout this house, and for a brief moment, it washes away my acquired anxiety, insanity.  

Giveaway: Win a bracelet from Link of Hearts

Naked With Anxiety


Today I’m excited to share my first official giveaway with all of you. The thoughtful and talented Elizabeth Tiglao-Guss of Link of Hearts is giving away one of her string of hope bracelets to two lucky winners.

Elizabeth battled depression and anxiety for almost 6 years and then spent the next 4 years working on her mental health. Over that ten year period, she felt estranged from her life. She says, “Depression is dark, painful and ugly.  I remember it all and I too, suffered in silence.  Now, I am sharing my story with the intention to connect with people dealing with depression or anyone else in need of inspiration.”

Through her jewelry line, Link of Hearts, Elizabeth gives away a piece of jewelry to someone in need for every purchase made in her shop.


According to Elizabeth, “Wearing jewelry with an inspirational message was one of the things that…

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